Specialist Care

The Nursing Care Specialists on our team are dedicated to delivering compassionate care to our patients while maintaining the smooth operation of our healthcare facilities. They are entrusted with fulfilling the essential needs of our patients, including medication administration, vital sign monitoring, and assistance with daily routines. Our specialized template provides a comprehensive overview of the primary duties, qualifications, and prerequisites for our Nursing Care Specialists. At Universal Nursing Care, our experts excel in providing top-tier care, and these are the key aspects of our specialist nursing care services:

Stroke care

We specialize in providing comprehensive care for various types of strokes, including Ischemic Stroke Care, Hemorrhagic Stroke Care, Transient Ischemic Attack (Mini-Stroke) Care, and Brain Stem Stroke Care. Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals is committed to delivering the highest quality of care and support to stroke patients, ensuring their well-being and recovery. Your loved ones are in safe hands with our expert stroke care services.

Dialysis care

Our Dialysis Care is dedicated to upholding optimal fluid and electrolyte balance, tracking vital signs and weight fluctuations, evaluating for indications of infection, and verifying the correct positioning and operation of catheters. Your well-being and comfort are our top priorities, and we are here to provide expert care to meet your dialysis needs.

Cancer Care

At our nursing care facility, we offer comprehensive care for cancer patients at all stages, including stages 1, 2, 3, and 4. Our services encompass a thorough assessment, therapy support (such as chemotherapy and radiation), pain management, nutritional support, and the provision of emotional assistance. We are committed to providing holistic care for cancer patients, addressing their unique needs at every stage of their journey.

Parkinson Care

Our approach to Parkinson's care encompasses a range of interventions, including medication management, surgical options, and complementary and supportive therapies. These holistic strategies involve dietary guidance, exercise programs, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. We tailor our care to address the diverse needs of individuals living with Parkinson's, promoting their overall well-being and quality of life.

Gangrene Care

In our comprehensive Gangrene Care program, we focus on a multi-faceted approach to treatment. This includes the removal of the affected tissue, proactive measures to prevent infection, or the treatment of any existing infections. Additionally, we address the root cause that led to the development of gangrene, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to your care. Your well-being is our top priority, and our dedicated team is here to provide the support and treatment you need.

Cardiac Care

Our Cardiac Care services encompass a wide spectrum of specialized treatments, including Hypovolemic Shock Care, Acute Rheumatic Fever Care, Hypertension Care, Heart Failure Care, Pacemaker Therapy Care, and Myocardial Infarction Care. With a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to address a variety of cardiac conditions and ensure your heart health is in good hands.

Renal Failure Care

At our nursing care facility, we offer top-tier care to individuals experiencing kidney failure at various stages, including stages 1, 2, 3, and 4. Our services encompass diligent monitoring and the provision of essential nursing care tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Your well-being and comfort are our utmost priorities, and we are here to provide expert care to address the challenges of renal failure.

Dementia Care

Dementia is a broad term that encompasses a range of conditions characterized by difficulties in memory, cognitive function, and decision-making, which can hinder daily activities. Alzheimer's disease is the most prevalent form of dementia. While dementia is commonly associated with older adults, it is important to note that it is not a typical aspect of the aging process. At our facility, we offer exceptional care tailored to different types and stages of dementia, focusing on improving the quality of life for our patients. We provide a variety of activities designed to engage and support dementia patients, including cognitive challenges like chess, Sudoku, and puzzles to stimulate their thinking. Additionally, we offer physical activities such as gardening and walking, as well as social games like bingo, card games, and arts and crafts, to enhance their overall well-being and quality of life.

Palliative Care

As our elderly loved ones approach the end of their life, our Palliative care services come into play, aiming to enhance their comfort and overall quality of life. By alleviating symptoms, managing pain, and addressing the stresses associated with their illness, we prioritize their well-being. Palliative care can be provided over an extended period, extending to years, and brings about a multitude of advantages, including a decrease in rehospitalization rates, a reduction in severe physical and psychological pain, and an enhancement of their capacity to endure and respond positively to medical treatments. Your loved one's comfort and dignity are at the heart of our palliative care approach.

Diabetes Mellitus Care

Diabetes Care Services are dedicated to addressing disorders related to carbohydrate metabolism. These conditions are marked by the body's reduced capacity to produce or effectively respond to insulin, impacting the regulation of sugar (glucose) levels in the bloodstream. Our care team is focused on managing and improving the well-being of individuals facing diabetes mellitus, ensuring their health and comfort

Arthritic Care

Arthritis is characterized by the inflammation and sensitivity of one or multiple joints. The primary indicators of arthritis involve joint discomfort and limited mobility, often exacerbated by the passage of time. The two most prevalent forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. At our nursing care facility, we specialize in providing comprehensive support and relief to individuals dealing with various forms of arthritis, ensuring their well-being and comfort.

End of Life Care

End-of-life care is the provision of healthcare and support during the period preceding an individual's passing. This comprehensive care can extend from the final hours to the months leading up to the end of life and encompasses a range of aspects, including addressing the person's mental and emotional well-being, ensuring physical comfort, tending to their spiritual needs, and assisting with practical tasks. At our nursing care facility, we are dedicated to offering compassionate and holistic end-of-life care that focuses on enhancing the overall quality of life during this sensitive time.

Specialist Care
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