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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are offers a variety of payment options, including cash payments, cheque payments, credit card payments, direct debit, and online transfers.

    A Care Assessment Report serves as a critical tool used by case managers to assess a patient’s functional abilities, determine their eligibility for long-term care services, evaluate the type and level of assistance required, and create a comprehensive care plan. This report also contains essential information regarding the patient’s health condition, which is collected during the assessment process and shared with caregivers or family members.

    Yes, the client is required to provide meals for stay-in caregivers/nurses who are providing care.

    Certainly, if you find that the assigned caregiver or nurse is not a good fit for the patient’s needs, Caregiver not preforming well or patient not comfortable with the caregiver please inform us. We will make arrangements for a replacement caregiver. Please note that we require at least 24 to 48 hours to organize the replacement, and there is no fee for this service.”

    The price for our stay-in care package is RM 5,500 for six days a week. A live-in caregiver or nurse is available for 12 hours per day, and in case of emergencies, a caregiver or nurse will be on hand to assist the patient.

    Stay-in (live-in) caregiver or nurse is working for 12 hours per day, and after 12 hours in case of emergencies, a caregiver or nurse will be on hand to assist the patient.

    The pricing for our packages is as follows: Hospital Sitter stay-in is RM 360 per day, and RM40 for the meal per day.

    Our Stay-Out package offers a range of pricing options to suit your needs:

    Kindly contact our team:

    English Language – 012-816 6979
    Chinese Language – 016-677 5875
    BM Language – 016-566 3775

    We provide both local and international caregivers and nurses, all of whom are well-trained, certified, and hold relevant nursing or caregiving diplomas. Our caregivers come from various countries, including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

    To adhere to our company policy, a 14-day termination notice is required to withdraw from the service agreement.

    Yes, clients are required to provide meals to Stay-Out Caregivers/Nurses. The number of meals to be provided depends on the caregiver’s duty hours:

    • For 6 hours duty, no meal is required.
    • For 8 hours duty, one meal should be provided.
    • For 10 hours duty, two meals are necessary.
    • For 12 hours duty, three meals are required.

    Our company creates Nursing Intervention Care Plans by following a structured approach. We begin by gathering comprehensive information about the patient, which includes their medical history, functional abilities, dietary requirements, needed assistance, and recommended care services. Subsequently, we design a Nursing Care Plan Work Timetable that aligns with the caregiver or nurse’s duty hours. This timetable outlines the nursing interventions, which are the actions taken by our caregivers/nurses to implement the patient’s care plan. These actions encompass various treatments, procedures, and teaching moments aimed at enhancing the patient’s well-being and comfort.

    Our registration process is designed to be simple and efficient. Here’s a step-by-step overview:

    • Start by filling out the Inquiry Form with all the necessary details. You can submit this form directly through our website or via WhatsApp and email after completion.
    • After your initial inquiry, you will receive a detailed form to complete.
    • Our customer service team will reach out to you for a free consultation to discuss the patient’s current medical condition and gather essential information about your needs.
    • We will then provide you with a quick and reasonable quotation based on the nursing care solution required.
    • Once you confirm the provided quotation, we will send you profiles of various available caregivers. You have the freedom to choose a caregiver who suits your requirements.
    • Once you’ve made your selection, we will make arrangements to have the caregiver sent to your location within 24 to 48 hours, following an RTK test.


    Prior to commencing a new patient’s case, we arrange for two specific types of COVID-19 tests:

    • A self-test for COVID-19 to be performed by the caretaker the day before the case begins.
    • An RTK (Rapid Test Kit) test is conducted at a clinic, and the test results are shared with the client before the case starts.

    Our office is situated at Infinity Tower, Units 7-5, Jalan SS6/3, SS6, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

    No, our nursing care services are not provided in the ICU ward.

    If a patient under our care is admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or High Dependency Ward (HDW), the following payment guidelines apply:

    • For stays in the ICU or HDW lasting less than seven (7) days, charges must be settled according to the existing agreement.
    • If the stay exceeds seven (7) days, a generous fifty percent (50%) discount on the daily nursing care rate will be provided.
    • If the client wishes to terminate the contract due to an extended stay exceeding seven (7) days, prior notice of fourteen (14) days is required to be given to Nursing Care before the termination is finalized.

    Yes, it is possible to change your package after the initial sign-up.

    RM2,000.00 is payable in booking fees upon acceptance of the caregiver.
    The balance payment is payable after 14 days.

    Subsequent Payment due the following month is payable on the 3rd week of the