Who we are

Universal Nursing Care is an emerging and competent nursing care provider where its administration is headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It was established with the paramount desire to deliver the utmost premium homecare nursing. Our substantial portfolio of services is measured upon extensive research and personalization to adopt to the various medical needs of the respective patients. At Universal Nursing Care we are very meticulous in our selection of nurses and care givers who are from different ethnicities and backgrounds.

We only employ those who are qualified with much experience and those who have undergone extensive training. This enables them to administer care to any given circumstances with the utmost professionalism coupled with untiring attention. We are aware of the expectation that is required from our nurses/care givers from each individual family members of the patients for the wellbeing of their loved ones. Keeping this in mind we at Universal Nursing Care are always passionate in our role as a homecare nursing provider by committing wholeheartedly in treating each patient who seek for assistance as our own.

Our distinctive service process spans from the initial medical assessment of the patient, the meticulous curation of nursing care plans, the selection of the ideal caregiver to align with the medical assessment and care plan, all while offering a flexible array of payment options to ensure accessible, comprehensive, and compassionate care.

Why you should choose us

Medical Assessment​

Our medical assessment process is a crucial step in our commitment to providing tailored and compassionate care. Conducted collaboratively by our medical administrator and head nurse, it entails thorough visits to the patient's home or hospital. During these assessments, we delve into every aspect of the patient's medical condition, history, diagnosis, and specific preferences, including meal choices and personal likes and dislikes. Furthermore, we assess mobility, functional abilities, and daily living activities to comprehensively understand the patient's unique needs. This meticulous medical assessment not only helps us track the patient's progress from the point of nursing care responsibility but also aids in selecting the most suitable caregiver to provide the highest quality of care.

Nursing Care Plan

Our Nursing Care Plan is a meticulously tailored roadmap for each patient, created following the comprehensive medical assessment. This individualized plan encompasses various key elements, including diet and nutrition, exercise and physiotherapy sessions designed to match the patient's ability and mobility, precise drug administration, and safe lifting techniques. It also establishes a structured timetable to help form daily routines. The significance of this nursing care plan is twofold: it ensures a systematic and compassionate routine that prioritizes the well-being of our patients, while also serving as a valuable tool to track and measure progress, enabling us to continually adapt and refine our care to meet evolving needs.

Ideal Care Giver

At Universal Nursing Care, selecting the ideal caregiver to match our carefully curated nursing care plan is a pivotal step in our commitment to delivering exceptional care. From our extensive bank of caregivers and registered nurses, we handpick individuals who are not only certified professionals with diverse experiences in managing various patient profiles but also possess exceptional communication skills, flexibility, and above all, a compassionate nature. Moreover, caregivers undergo our rigorous training program, specially designed to align with Malaysian cultures and norms, ensuring that their care is not only proficient but also culturally sensitive and deeply respectful. Your loved one's well-being and comfort are at the heart of our caregiver selection process.

Flexible Array of Payment Options

At Universal Nursing Care, we understand the importance of offering diverse and secure payment methods to ensure the utmost convenience for our valued clients. Whether you are located overseas or locally, our aim is to make your payment experience as effortless as possible. For those who prefer online transactions, we provide a seamless online payment gateway, enabling you to make secure payments from the comfort of your own location. Alternatively, if you prefer the traditional approach, our office is at your service, where you can make payments in person via credit card or debit card. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of arranging in-person payment collection with our card machine right at your location. To further accommodate your preferences, we accept payments through various methods, including cash, cheque, direct debit, and online transfers. Your convenience and peace of mind is our top priorities.


“ Where there are helpers there you shall find comfort. “

Universal Nursing Home’s foundation is based on the C. A. R. E. principal.

C Caring without boundaries to serve all regardless of race, religion or nationality.

AAdopt to changes to enhance the quality of living.  

RRebuild the confidence of patients and their loved ones.

EEndure during challenging times, never give-up!


Is to become a renowned nursing care provider of par excellence. Rendering extraordinary services by being always present to the society and in every circumstances. We envision to be known as a modern agency with unique ancient tradition and as a customer care-oriented channel with a compassionate heart and a loving soul. To be an exceptional nursing care provider that embraces everyone regardless of gender, age, colour, religion, creed, nationality or social status.


We provide reliable services with integrity, honesty and expertise to meet the highest commendable standards in health care. A people-oriented service provider ensuring a professional and prompt optimal care with well trained support team, nurses and care givers for an exceptional service delivery platform. We take complete ownership for providing utmost good care by custom tailored schedule according to our client’s preferred needs. We take pride in offering our services very ethically and always striving our best to enhance and upkeep our services to serve our patients better in every possible way.