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Specialist care services revolve around complicated medical conditions ranging from strokes, cancer and worst-case scenario, end of life care. These specialist services have been growing in demand in the past few years as majority of individuals tends to be exposed to such medical conditions due to the failure to live a healthy life in early years, sometimes are argued to be genetics while major publication reveals deeper insights.

Due to the complexity of these health conditions, specialist care providers require extensive know-how and in fact is said to the most demanding in terms of detailed attention and care. Prior to the provision of specialist care personals, we undertake in depth analysis of the medical history of the patient to understand the complexity of the condition and tailor the solutions rendered with the said care and attention. We understand that losing your loved ones is heartbreaking and pledged to extend our hospitality and care beyond our abilities as we often tend to think from the perception of our client.

Potential medical conditions that usually require specialist care
– Dementia
– Store care
– Diabetes
– Parkinson’s
– Cancer care
– Post-surgery
– Arthritis
– Palliative care
– End of life care

Classification of services rendered by a Specialist Care
(1) Attentive Personal Care
Assist the patient with the day to the day course from feeding to the mobility for toileting in a span of arm’s length. These specialist stands out from the mainstream caregivers as they have the ability to predict the needs of the patients prior to their requests.

(2) Vital signs of monitoring
These specialist caregivers require immense attention due to the complexity of their medical conditions. Therefore, requires them to monitor these patients closely and immediately action in case of emergency and verse with the designated medical assistance if unusual signs are evident.

(3) Night Care
During periods of training, these specialist caregivers are required to opt to adjust their sleeping patterns and often advise them to only take adequate rest in instances where their gut feeling tells them to do so after examining their patients, hence committed to serve these patients 24/7 if required practicing the utmost empathy and patience.

(4) Medical Escorts
Accompany patients to and from the hospital for regular appointments and checkups as these medical conditions requires frequent visits and checkups more than average due to the complications associated.

(5) Intermediate
Family members of these specialist care patients often requires constant updates regarding their loved ones. Our specialist care providers understand this importance and commit to update them around the clock.