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Derived from the purpose of paying close attention and observation of patient within the vicinity of the hospital premises upon admission. This specific caregiver upholds the responsibility to adopt and maintain the relationship of the support staff inclusive of the doctor and the nurses in charge surrounding the ward.

Moreover, plays a vital role in obtaining necessary information from nurse regarding ambulation limitations and course of action for redirection of the patient if required.

Therefore, positions themselves besides patient in their room at the bedside to maintain visual observation of the patient and promises never to leave the patient alone or out of sight unless otherwise specially instructed by the in-house medical staff. Like mentioned previously, this specific role is said to be the most responsible and has the tendency for one to neglect unless otherwise not been aware on the context of the medical surrounding for prompt actions.

Accomplished hospital sitters we provide are equipped with substantial amount of expertise revolving such job description and provides the guarantee that you can trust wholeheartedly while you place your mind at ease.

Potential scenarios that are usually accommodated by a Hospital Sitter
– Pediatrics
– Seniors
– New mothers
– Mental health patients
– Patients recovering from surgery

Classification of services rendered by a Hospital Sitter

(1) Attentive Personal Care
Assist the patient upon admission until the time of discharge with all the basic necessities ranging from feeding to toileting 24/7 and always with open ears to assist the patient if any assistance is required within the span of the patients arm length.

(2) Vital signs monitoring
Requires identifying any abnormalities of the patients and constantly communicate with the ward if thought that immediate intervention is required by the respective medical staff. Moreover, also responsible to list down readings from time to time that includes temperature checks, pulse, or blood pressure readings.

(3) Night care
Constant observation is carried out over night while comprising on their own sleep to ensure that the medicines does are carried out in a timely manner and to prevent from any mishaps given that the patient tends to assist themselves which would potentially result in fall outs.

(4) Medical Escorts
Patient is accompanied with the in-house nurse for any medical checkups or if required for any test to be conducted upon instructions of the respective doctor. Moreover, further follow up on the test results and communicate with the relevant guardian, further escalates if urgent medical attention is required.