Maryjane E.Arellano - Universal Nursing Care
An Experienced Caregiver

Name : Maryjane E.Arellano
Age : 31 Years
PASPORT No. : P6724110B
Country : Philippines
Gender : Female
Religion : Catholic
Martial status : Married
Nationality : Filipino
Experience : 5 Years
Height : 152.5 cm
Weight : 50 kg

• NGT and Oral Feeding
• Suctioning a tracheostomy
• Neuromuscular Monitoring
• Medications dispense
• Insulin injection management
• Vital sign monitoring
• Dress or redress open wounds
• Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Care

• English
• Bahasa Melayu

• Private Nursing Care
• Caregiver Level 2

Care for Brain Canser Patient
Giveing personal care, to canser patient Half
paralyzed with NG tube, Give prescribed medicines
at the right time as directed by the physician.
physical lifts and transfers. Take daily vital signs

Care for Private Patient at Klang
Have 2 years expereance giveing personal
care for canser pstient with colostomy bag,
insulin management, Take daily vital signs,
changing and cleaning colostomy bag

Work as a On call Caregiver at CARE Concierge Malaysia
2 years working experience lookafter different types of patients like dimentia, stroke patient, Hip surgery, patient, NG tube feeding, Lifting, insulin managment, parkinsons, canser patients,