Marites Villasan - Universal Nursing Care
An Experienced Caregiver

Name : Marites Villasan
Age : 39 Years
Passport No. : P754257B
Country : Philippines
Gender : Female
Religion : Catholic
Martial Status : Married
Nationality : Filipino
Experience : 9 Years
Height : 152 cm
Weight : 48 kg

• Massage Therapy
• Oral Suction
• Colostomy Care
• Monitor Oxygen Levels
• Medications Dispense
• Insulin injection Management
• Physiotherapy
• Wounds Dressing

• English
• Bahasa Melayu

• Caregiver Level 2

Care for Hypertensive Patient
Giving personal care 1 years for the Hypertensive patient Half paralyzed and Diabetic, daily vital signs reporting

Work as a Caregiver at Home Nursing
1 years working experience lookafter Dimentia, Stroke patient, NG tube feeding, Lifting, insulin,
parkinsons, Gives medication,

Care for Canser Patient
Giveing personal care 8 months for the canser patient with NG tube feeding and bed ridden, gives medication

Care for Dementia Patient
6 years expereance handaled Dementia patient with oral feeding and Activates of Daily Living, Personal Hygiene, daily vital signs reporting