Faisal Alam Edress - Universal Nursing Care
An Experienced Caregiver

Name : Faisal Alam Edress
Age : 33 Years
UNHCR No. : BJ1750603
Country : Pakistan
Gender : Male
Religion : Islam
Martial Status : Single
Nationality : Pakistani
Experience : 2 Years
Height : 183.33 cm
Weight : 80 kg

• NGT / Oral (Feeding)
• Monitor oxygen saturation Rationale
• Canser Care / PGT Care
• Tracheostomy / Oral Suctioning
• Medications Dispense
• Insulin injection Management
• Vital Sign Monitoring
• Dress or Redress open Wounds
• Basic Physiotheraphy

• English
• Malay (BM)
• Hindi

• Level 1 Caregiver
• Private Nursing Care

Care for Dementia and Half Stroke Patient
8 months experience handled 61 years old Dementia and half stroke patient, Activates of Daily Living, Personal Hygiene, daily vital signs reporting and brain development games, give medication on time, companionship.

Palliative Care for Cancer Patients
6 months experience handled 92 years old lung Cancer patient with NG tube feeding and oxygen concentrator, wound dressing for the bedsores, pain management, personal hygiene, daily vital signs, reporting and companionship

Care for Different type of Patients more than 1 yeas in Malaysia
Giving personal care for different type of patients like diabetes, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s Cancers post surgery and Palliative care including bed-baths, Foot care, especially patient is diabetic need to be extra vigilant with feet, Helping to the toilet, including using a commode or bed pan.