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It is quite a known fact that families especially revolving around the Asian based culture prefer it they are taken care of someone from their immediate family than an outsider. However, this perception is evolving as most individuals now are career oriented and have a significant amount of to-do list on their plate.

Additionally, what most fail is realize is that in house caregiver is a specialist skill and not a lot of individuals have the patience of cope of with the demands on the patients and any steps taken by an individual who possess minimal to medium knowledge about a specific medical condition can sometimes be problematic.

Therefore, it is often important that we utilize the right resources to take care of any patient as it reduces the associated risk involved. Specialized caregivers that we provide had undertaken immerse training, also develop necessary soft skills and most important to be emphatic and to develop patience which is utmost crucial when taking care of a patient following any medical condition, especially surgery.

Classification of services rendered by an In-house Caregiver

(1) Personal Care
Assist with the day-to-day activities ranging from feeding, bathing, toileting, wardrobe management, transferring(mobility)to continence.

(2) Companionship
Any patient recovering from a specific medical condition usually isn’t in the best state of mind. In most instances, they tend to seek companionship with their caretaker as they tend to share a common space of safety and comfort.

(3) Night care
Comprise their sleep just to ensure that all the all-nighter needs are met from toileting to providing the necessary doses and medication. Most importantly to reduce wandering and fall-down risk especially if they are to self-accompany themselves.

(4) Medical Escort
Accompany patients to and forth to the hospital for doctor’s appointments, regular checkups to perform advised test accordingly.

(5) Intermediate
In-house caretaker is the arch that connects your loved one with you regardless of your location. Their job description highlights on the constant need to keep you posted with regards to your loved ones facilitating your peace of mind and eliminating all your worries.