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Mobility Emergency Transportation

We provide Wheelchair-friendly and Emergency Transportation for your loved ones for regular checkups, hospital appointments and even therapy sessions. Universal Care non-emergency medical transport services are provided by highly-qualified staff members who are not only prepared to provide transportation services, but also to assist with necessary personal hygiene and comfort requirements of patients who must travel long and short distances.…

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Bonded and Qualified Caregivers

Our caregivers are qualified and experienced healthcare professionals they can provide the right care for your loved one at home. With the right help and care to your loved one. we aim to  reduce the emotional stress of dealing with your situation. Universal Care Management to handle your case and to work closely with our caregiver on reporting and monitoring…

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Wound Management

Wounds are commonly encountered in medical practice, particularly in elderly patients who have chronic medical conditions. Our Nurses are adept at diagnosing chronic ulcers and optimizing medical treatment.We describe the best medical practice for elderly patients. We emphasize the importance of nutrition and proper wound care as a foundation for the management of all chronic ulcers. Patients with venous ulcers…

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Home Physiotherapy

At Universal Care Physiotherapy we understand that some conditions or injuries can make it difficult to transportation. Our objective is to provide our home physiotherapist with the same high-quality therapy that you would expectWe currently offer home physiotherapy services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas and our physiotherapy services are provided by highly skilled physiotherapists

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Why you should choose a private nurse

Universal Nursing Care, we provide you with the best home nursing service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.We come to your home and care for your elder, sick, frail or injured family. From clinical through to companionship care we do everything that’s means your loved one can have privacy, honor, and expert care from the comfort of their own home. Our…

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